Meals & Nutrition

What kind of assistance is available?

Meals Programs

Congregate and Home-Delivered Meal programs are offered in most areas of the state, based on available funding and in accordance with program requirements. Meals are provided at least once a day, five days or more per week.

Congregate Meals are served in a congregate setting, such as a senior or community center. Congregate meal programs give seniors the opportunity to socialize with others and engage in daily activities. Nutrition screening, assessment, education and counseling are provided to help enhance the health and well-being of participants.

Home Delivered Meals are delivered to clients who are homebound and unable to prepare their own meals and have no caregiver at home to prepare meals for them.

The Nutrition Program provides elders in New Mexico a nutritional breakfast and lunch in an atmosphere that promotes good health, socialization, and nutritional education and counseling. The program’s focus and emphasis is on the importance of healthy eating as you age, feeding your body, mind, and soul!

You may also contact your local Senior Center or your Area Agency on Aging for information on senior nutrition programs available in your community.

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