Schedule a Medicaid Waiver appointment with ADRC staff

Make an appointment to get assistance with:

  • Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Registrations
  • Medicare Questions and Counseling
  • Caregiver Counseling and Resources
  • Prescription Drug Assistance
  • Other (topics that take more than a few minutes)
  • These appointments are phone appointments. 
    • If our call is not answered, the appointment may need to be rescheduled. 
    • If voicemail is available, and our call is not answered, we will leave a message with instructions.
  • Anyone who is registering multiple consumers using one email address (for example, community professionals):
    • Please note that if you are using your own email to schedule multiple appointments, please call to schedule an appointment to ensure necessary information for each individual is captured or your client may not receive a call back.

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