Aging Network Plans

Overview of the SFY 2023-2026 Area Plan


The Older Americans Act, Section 306(a) states that, “each area agency on aging designated under section 305(a)(2)(A) shall, in order to be approved by the State agency, prepare and develop an area plan for a planning and service area for a two-, three-, or four-year period determined by the State agency, with such annual adjustments as may be necessary.”

The Aging and Long-Term Services Department (ALTSD) and the statewide network of Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and Planning and Service Areas (PSAs) share responsibility for planning for New Mexico’s present and future aging and long-term care needs. The AAAs’ Area Plans, the New Mexico State Plan on Aging, and ALTSD strategic plan work together to improve and strengthen New Mexico’s publicly funded long-term care system and collectively establish a framework for how the AAAs and ALTSD will deliver services to New Mexico’s diverse population.

The Area Plan describes the AAA’s future activities over the coming four years. In it, the AAA describes its efforts to identify the needs of older adults and their caregivers. The AAAs, with the active involvement of its Advisory Councils and utilization of public input, then describes its plan for developing coordinated and accessible systems of care to address community needs and prioritize and develop services for older adults, and their caregivers.

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