Healthy Aging

We promote healthy and active lifestyles.

We are committed to promoting activities that are designed to maintain or improve physical and mental well-being, maintain independence, and build knowledge and skills that enable older adults to make informed choices about lifestyle and health issues. We support several evidence-based, community initiatives that provide health benefits and promote disease and injury prevention.

What is health promotion?

Health promotion includes the provision of planned activities to maintain or improve physical or mental well-being, accomplished through personal or collective behavioral and/or environmental change.

What can you do to improve your health today?

Learn about our Healthy Aging Campaign. Our “Know Your Numbers, Change Your Numbers, Change Your Life” campaign is committed to taking charge of the aging process. We have much more control over the aging process than many people believe. It’s never too late to make changes that can improve your health. Read here to learn about living a long and independent life!

New Mexico Senior Olympics

In partnership with New Mexico Senior Olympics (NMSO), Senior Services promotes physical fitness statewide for adults age 50 and older by providing year-round opportunities and motivation to participate in local, state, and National Senior Games. NMSO offers evidence-based programs including Enhance Fitness and Tai Ji Quan “Moving for Better Balance” and other programs such as Walk4 Fitness, Know Your Numbers, Change Your Numbers, Change Your Life, sports clinics, health fairs, and more. Click here for more information.

NM Adult Falls Prevention Coalition (NMAFPC)

Shares our commitment of reducing falls in older adults through information sharing, evidence-based interventions, practical lifestyle changes and community partnerships. For seniors and families who would like to participate in the Adult Falls Coalition contact Senior Services at 1-505-476-4757 or click here for more information on reducing your risk of falls. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming events sponsored by the NMAFPC.

Health, Fitness and Wellness at Senior Centers

Provides fitness and exercise activities such as weight training facilities and exercise classes such as Enhance Fitness, Tai Chi, Zumba, and much more. Availability of services offered varies throughout the state. Click here to locate health and fitness programs in your area or call us directly for more assistance.

New Mexico Healthy Aging Collaborative (HAC)

Our partner organization representing New Mexico’s cultural and ethnic diversity and includes public health services, aging network providers, community-based and private organizations. Through collaborations, coordinated and integrated approaches with these entities, the HAC focuses efforts on providing statewide health promotion and disease prevention activities and initiatives targeted to older adults. We maintain a leadership role in the HAC by assisting with the coordination of health fairs, workshops, trainings, symposiums, and for the past four years has sponsored Senior Day at EXPO NM. The HAC membership seeks out interested individual seniors to represent seniors on the HAC membership or the HAC Executive Committee for more information on how to join contact Senior Services at 1-505-476-4793. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming HAC activities and initiatives.

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