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The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) is a national program to help people of all ages with Medicare avoid, detect, and prevent health care scams, fraud, and abuse. 

Medicare loses an estimated $60 billion each year due to fraud, errors, and abuse.  Every day, these issues affect countless beneficiaries nationwide.  The good news is that by following some simple tips, you can protect yourself against these types of scams.

Protecting your personal information is your best defense against health care fraud and abuse.

  • Treat your Medicare and Social Security numbers like your credit cards.  Never give these numbers to a stranger
  • Remember, Medicare won’t call to ask for your Medicare number
  • Don’t carry your Medicare card unless you need it for an appointment
  • Keep a record of your medical visits, tests, and procedures in a health care journal or calendar
  • Save your Medicare statements, such as Medicare Summary Notices MSN) or Explanations of Benefits (EOB)

Knowing how to spot suspicious activity can help you stop health care fraud and abuse in its tracks.

  • Review your Medicare statements by comparing them to your personal records
  • Look for three things on your Medicare statements:
    • Charges for a something you didn’t get
    • Billing for the same services or supplies twice
    • Services that weren’t ordered by your doctor

If you suspect you have been the target or victim of fraud, report it.  This will help you and others at risk for health care scams.

  • If you receive a suspicious call, don’t give out any personal information.  Try to get the person’s name, company, and contact information, then report the call to your NM SMP at 1-800-432-2080
  • If you have questions about your Medicare statements, call your health care provider or plan
  • If you’re not comfortable calling your health provider or you’re not satisfied with the response, call your NM SMP at 1-800-432-2080.  All conversations are confidential

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