Providing A Voice For Vulnerable Adults Who Might Otherwise Go Unheard.


Through regular visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, we help residents by advocating for their rights, investigating complaints, helping to resolve concerns, and ensuring they receive the quality of care they deserve.

If you or a loved one needs help, call Ombudsman today. Services are free, confidential, and provided state wide.

Call Our Hotline Or Click The Link Below:

STATE WIDE: 1-866-451-2901


The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.


The Ombudsmen are here to assist residents of all Long-Term Care Facilities throughout New Mexico.


Do you have questions about any of the following?

  • Concerns about Care
  • Problems with Staff
  • Abuse or Exploitation
  • Food Complaints
  • Lost Laundry or Personal Items
  • Medication Errors
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Discharge or Room Changes
  • Lack of Activities
  • Long-Term Care Resources
  • Call Bells not being Answered
  • Neglect or Isolation
  • Resident Rights
  • Billing and Medical Records
  • Care Planning
  • Living Environment and Safety
  • Legal Decision Makers
  • Person-Centered Care

Call Our Hotline Today, Or Click The Link Below:

To report facility abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Services are free, confidential, and provided state wide.

STATE WIDE: 1-866-451-2901


Become An Ombudsman Volunteer Today!

Just three hours a week makes a difference in our communities.


Be A Voice For Our Community.

Ombudsmen provide a voice for long-term care residents at a time in their lives when they are particularly vulnerable. A corps of more than 100 dedicated Ombudsman volunteers statewide assist residents by:

  • Advocating for their Rights
  • Investigating and Helping to Resolve Concerns
  • Ensuring Residents Receive the Care They Deserve

How To Apply To Become An Ombudsman Volunteer:

Free training and ongoing in-service education are provided to all volunteers. For more information, please call the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program at 1-866-451-2901.

Ombudsman Program: 1-866-451-2901

Ombudsman Program Brochure

Ombudsman Job Description

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